Swiss Newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung asks “Is Cold Fusion Back in Style?” [Update: Airbus Agreement with LENR-Cities]

Thanks to those who commented about an article published today in the Swiss daily German language newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung which today has published an article by Christian Speicher titled “Is Cold Fusion Back in Style?“.

The subheading is “energy of dubious origin”, and the article itself looks at recent news from the world of LENR in a somewhat cautious manner, but Speicher notes that with Bill Gates now showing interest and LENR being taken seriously in other reputable places in Sweden, India, Finland and Norway, it is suddenly becoming socially acceptable to openly discuss cold fusion.

Speicher writes:

The alleged excess heat can not be attributed to chemical reactions — it is much too large. It is therefore postulated that previously unknown nuclear reactions are triggered in the metals. The experiments judging by doing no gamma radiation seems to emerge. And also typical radioactive waste products such as tritium seem not (or at least not in significant amounts) to be produced. For many researchers, this is too much of a good thing. Before they are ready to throw the established nuclear physics overboard, they want to see robust evidence and a plausible explanation for the excess heat.

The article notes the recent Lugano report, and the unexpected isotopic shifts in the fuel after testing, but also notes the criticism of Stefan Pomp and other Swedish scientists who criticized the test because Andrea Rossi was involved when the fuel was inserted and removed from the reactor, and therefore could have done some trick to switch the powder from the reactor with a fake sample.

Despite the questioning nature of the article, I think it is significant to find this article in a widely read Swiss newspaper. Wikipedia states of the the Neue Zürcher Zeitung”

It has a reputation as a quality newspaper and as the Swiss newspaper of record, the newspaper is known for its detailed reports on international affairs, stock exchange, and the intellectual, in-depth style of its articles.

This would indicate that people of influence in Switzerland — a world financial center — might be learning about these recent LENR developments for the first time.

UPDATE: An additional section has been posted below this article about LENR-Cities, a Swiss group, working to help business and governments for a transition to LENR.

“A powerful partner has already found LENR-Cities. Recently, the Airbus group had signed a letter of intent to participate in the project reveals [LENR-Cities co-founder Michel] Vandenberghe. Of these, hope you are as a signal to other actors in Europe.”

Having Airbus, one of the top aviation companies in the world, interested in LENR and willing to participate in the LENR-Cities project is certainly significant.