LENR-Cities Announces Conference at Oxford University, January 10-11

On the LENR-Cities website is the announcement of a conference titled “Low Energy Nanoscale Reactions & Applications” which will be held at Magdalene College, Oxford University, UK on January 10-11, 2015.

The purpose of the conference is described by LENR-Cities as follows:

During this Event, the main topic of discussion will be key technologies about Energy and beyond energy, including nuclear waste remediation, transmutations, superconductivity and some other technologies.

In order to develop and industrialize these technologies, strategies shall be discussed that are required to build a business ecosystem based on mutual self-interests between scientists, industrialists, financiers and other stakeholders.

Preliminary speakers are listed as:

Michel Vandenberghe — Founder of LENR-Cities
Yogi Srivastara — Professor Emeritus of Physics, Indiana University
Angelo Ovido — CEO, Kresenn, Ltd.
Didier Pelluet — LENR-Cities
Paolo Tripodi
Allan Widom — Professor of Physics, Northeastern University
Airbus Group
John Swain — Professor of Physics, Northeastern University
Luca Gamberale — CEO, LD-Brane srls

It looks like it could be an interesting event with some familiar names listed here, and some new ones. The presence of Airbus group is in and of itself significant, and it will be interesting to hear from them.

We also see here that LENR-Cities is adopting a new meaning of LENR — Low Energy Nanoscale Reactions, which is perhaps a more user-friendly label. Maybe it will stick.