Nissan CEO: Electric Car’s Range to Double, While Shrinking Battery Size (Gerard McEk)

Thanks to Gerard McEk for posting this comment on the Always On thread.

Interesting news: proper car batteries may soon hit the market. This in combination with LENR will replace all other energy sources!

Link to the original article on the Daily Kanban website:

A couple of quotes from the article:

In a late night interview at Tokyo’s Business News channel, a relentless host pressed [Nissan CEO] Carlos Ghosn for answers about the future of Nissan’s electric vehicle program. Is Nissan working on new batteries? Ghosn: “Yes.” Can you tell us more? Ghosn: “No.” Will the range double? Ghosn: “Yes.” That means more than 400 km? Ghosn: “Yes.”

“Commercial applications could be no more than one model cycle away,” said an engineer who is not supposed to talk to me. According to the source, the new battery delivers twice the capacity while weighing – and costing – less than the current shorter range model.