Elforsk Announces Creation of The Energy Research Institute [Update from Mats Lewan]

On the Swedish energy research cooperative Elforsk’s website is an announcement of the launch of a new organization: The Energy Research Institute.

UPDATE: Thanks to Mats Lewan for the following important information:

In the document that you and others link to regarding the new entity Energiforsk, the beginning of the text seems to be missing.

Here’s the press release:


which explains that the operations of Elforsk and three other Swedish energy research entities will be merged into the new entity from Jan 1, 2015.

The scope, which according to the press release has been discussed for some years, seems simply to be to broaden the research activities and the ownership from companies in the electric power industry to the whole energy sector in Sweden.

As you noted, Magnus Olofsson remains CEO.

According to the announcement the Energy Research Institute is owned by the Swedish Energy, Swedish District Heating Association, Swedish power grid, Energigas Sweden and Swedegas, and will have 20 employees working in two locations — Stockholm and Malmö. The president and CEO of the Energy Research Institute is Magnus Olofsson, who is also president of Elforsk.

Mr. Oloffson states regarding the purpose of the Energy Research Institute:

“The activities will span the entire energy system with the holistic perspective in focus. It provides opportunities to work with the right questions in the research. Energy Research Institute will bring together players from industry, society and academia. Biogas and new fuels, like electricity important for the future of transport. Gas turbines can be an important complement to the growing wind energy in the energy system.”

Shortly after the publication of Lugano E-Cat report, Mr. Olofsson made a statement published in Ny Teknik magazine which read in part:

“In the current situation we do not know if all this is too amazing to be true. The measurement results indicate that a new way of extracting nuclear power may have been discovered. A small group of Swedish researchers are deeply involved in trying to understand the underlying physics. Sweden has therefore a unique chance to be involved in leading research and development in LENR area.

Elforsk takes now the initiative to build an integrated Swedish research initiative. More knowledge is needed to understand and explain. Let us engage more researchers in searching coat phenomenon and then explain how it works.”

I contacted Mr. Olofsson regarding the formation the Energy Research Institute, and asked if it would be involved in the study of LENR. He responded saying, “We do not have a decision on this specific matter for the time being.”