Rossi: E-Cat Energy Comes from Isotopic Shifts which is ‘Not Fusion’

In the interview conducted yesterday with Salvo Mandarà on the Italian web TV channel there were some interesting issues brought up. Vessela Nikolova has provided a nice translation of the interview on her E-Cat “The New Fire” web site.

One question that I found particularly interesting was when Mandarà asked about how excess energy is produced by the E-Cat.

Rossi responded:

“The physical process by which the E-Cat works is a process of so-called ‘Low Energy Nuclear Reactions’ or LENR, that is, reactions which take place in the nucleus of an atom at temperatures ‘low’ compared to those normally required for a nuclear reaction, which does not need to be a fusion. In fact, after these years of experimentation, testing, measuring and analysis, we noticed that the main source of energy in our reactor is not so much a fusion, but a shift of the isotopic composition of the atoms contained in the fuel charge. The origin of the thermal excess energy is due to the fact that in such process there is a very small loss in mass, that is transformed into energy according to the famous Einstein’s equation E = mc^2″.

So here we have quite a succinct condensation of what Rossi thinks is the source of energy in the E-Cat. He does not explain exactly what he thinks is the cause of this reaction — we can only guess at this point. Rossi — and also Bo Höistad — has been very complementary of the ‘neutron tunneling’ theory of Carl Oscar Gullström, which could give us a clue.