Italian Prime Minister’s Office gives ICCF-19 Cold Fusion Conference ‘High Patronage’

Thanks to AlainCo for the following link on the Always On Thread:

Alain reports that he received this statement in a newsletter for the ICCF-19 (International conference on cold fusion) to be held in Padua, Italy on April 13-17, 2015:

“We are proud to announce the Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Italy has today (12.12.2014) awarded its High Patronage to the ICCF-19 event”

If you go to the website for ICCF-19 you will see these two seals listed in the Patronage section, which certainly indicate support from Italian government agencies.


The first seal (Prezidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri) can be translated as “President of the Council of Ministers”, and the second one (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico) as “Ministry of Economic Development”. It’s another indication that LENR/Cold Fusion is being seen as more respectable in Italy, at least.