Robert Godes of Brillouin on Beta-Decay of Nickel in the Lugano Test

This comment by Robert E. Godes, Chief Technical Officer at Brillouin Energy was just made on this thread (regarding Godes’ thoughts on the Lugano E-Cat report) in response to a comment by LCD who noted that in appendix 3 of the report, copper was mentioned as being found in the fuel:

I had not really looked at appendix 3. I am glad to see that Cu63 does not appear to have changed much between start and finish seen on page 52. As I had predicted, as noted above, Cu65 is actually higher than Cu63 in the ash after the experiment. (Page 52) The source of this new Cu65 is beta- decay of Ni65 which comes from capture of ultra cold neutrons by lighter isotopes of Ni. Thanks LCD for point out the Cu on page 51