‘Exponential Progress’ being Made in High Temperature E-Cat R&D

Andrea Rossi has mentioned many times that he is working full-time on trying to get the 1 MW plant at the site of an  Industrial Heat customer to a state of ‘perfection’, and he has said that work on this plant is taking up most of his time.

However, it now seems that this is no longer the case, as Rossi has commented today that he is involved in serious research on R&D with the Hot Cats (High temperature E-Cats) which are being driven by natural gas, rather than electricity. And judging by a comment today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, work in this area is going rather well:

Andrea Rossi

I will answer to this question after the R&D we are making on both of them will have been completed: for the low temperature the R&D is on course by means of the 1 MW plant delivered to the Customer of IH, for the Hot Cat intense R&D is on course by means of new prototypes upon which we are making exponential progress by the day. Within about 1 year we will have consolidated data. I deem meaningless to give transitory data.
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‘Exponential progress by the day’ is high praise indeed — and possibly a little hyperbole — but it does give an impression of good progress. The significance of progress with the Hot Cat is that it should mean that IH are getting closer to the goal of achieving temperatures high enough to produce the supercharged steam that is needed to drive turbines to generate electricity efficiently. Having them driven by natural gas, which in many parts of the world (North America especially) is much cheaper than electricity, only adds to the efficiency.

For power stations, utilities and others in the energy business, Industrial Heat will need to demonstrate savings in power generation, and long-term stability of performance, before they would consider investing in this new form of energy.