Hot Cat – Do It Yourself Suggestions (Mike Ivanov)

Based on several discussions on this and other sites I see the DIY approach as one of chances for LENR to break the wall.

Lets make an assumption what Ni-H combination works and Rossi’s e-cat and hot cat are real can do COP> 1.  We still have large problem with commercialization. Business implementation requires a lot of money, plus a lot formalities related to safety, licensing. And it is hardened by poor acceptance from general public.

Lets think now about self-assembly kits, like Sinclair computers in the 1980s or 3d printers in the 2010s. I see hot cat as best candidate for this because of simplicity and relatively low cost. It also looks safer to implement, since there is no high pressure hydrogen tank used.

Of course I do not see these kits used to heat houses immediately. During the first wave it is going to target hard-core fans of new technologies who wants to run some experiments in their garages and can spend few hundred bucks for the new toy.  Somebody suggested to sale ready-to use cores but I think even low-level components would be very useful. Ability to vary different parameters of  fuel, pressure, temperature, etc will give huge leverage to the development of technology.  May be somebody will find a right combination for permanent self-sustained reaction.

How I see the list of components for the kit (draft 🙂 )

1. Fuel

1.1 few grams of Ni powder.   One type for standard kit, few types for premium

1.2 Lithium in different combinations, started with Li Al H

2. Core

2.1. Ceramic pipes,  two or three sets.

2.2. Heating elements.

2.3. fixtures to install core – m.b. for premium kit only.

2. Sensors

2.1. thermocouples

2.2. low temperature sensors, for water or other coolant – premium kit

2.3. gamma and beta radiation sensors – premium kit

2.4. magnetic sensors – premium kit

3. Control system

3.1. Arduino based controller with power circuits to manage  electric heaters, collect and record temperature data, etc. (or alternative)

3.2. water flow management components – premium kit

4. Software

4.1. Basic tools to control the power, temperature etc.

4.2. Extended edition for deeper research – premium kit.

5. Manual

Very important piece :), describing what to do with all these powders, pipes, wires and sensors:). And safety measurements first, for sure. Technically I think the device is relatively safe, since nobody actually shown any radiation or any kind of chain reaction. I hardly believe what the reactor can make big damage in worst case scenarios.

6. Supporting web site

This is also very important, especially if to use it as hub for building of community for enthusiasts , to share tricks and achievements. Control software also could be integrated with cloud, for uploading test data and may be some kind of crowd analysis.

To summarize, I see the many benefits of such approach:

1. Safe business idea for any investors. Market is not huge, but I think there are few thousands individuals or small companies around the globe who would buy the kit.

2. No regulations or licensing involved. All components are quite common, do not contain any really hazardous chemicals or high voltage equipment, etc. And so far I do not see any real issue with intellectual property.

3. Low cost. Even for small batch, 100 kits or less, the cost could be quite low, as we can see on Ali-Baba site 🙂

4. Ready to use marketing and sales channels, like this and other LENR sites.

5. Hidden market, from people who are watching the development but do not ready for active participation..

I hope my ideas could help somebody.

Cheers and happy new year!


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