Making E-Cats in the Garage (or on the Couch)

I thought this exchange today here between Mike Ivanov and Mats002 summarized nicely what we might start seeing as a result of the work of Alexander Parkhomov. If you look closely at the picture below from Parkhomov’s report you will see that the experimental setup appears to be in a living room.


Mike Ivanov:

After Parkhomov experiment I start thinking to build home heater based on this design, for personal usage. Heating is very expensive in Canada….


Yes why not? I hope Rossi/IH will be very successful with industry but in the mean time garage tinkerers might be setting the stage for domestic use. My concern is safety. Some parts might better be prepared by professionals

Mike Ivanov:

It could be already a good time for smart entrepreneur to start selling DIY kits online. heating wires, ceramic pipes, Hi, Li, etc – nothing special so far.

This is the way many technological revolutions have begun…