Andrea Rossi Explains Why IH Won’t Help MFMP

On the Journal of Nuclear Physics, Andrea Rossi was asked by David Kaiser, whether he might give a little help to the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project as a Christmas gift, adding that with the possibility of social breakdown and world war on the cards, that Industrial Heat may not have anyone to sell their E-Cats to.

Andrea Rossi replied:

David Kaiser:
Our team is making all the investments and R&D necessary to bring to the market this technology and the first 1 MW industrial plant already hit the market, thanks to our Team. Obviously the loss of Intellectual Property would stop any serious investment. Look at Microsoft’s business model ( from which we all have to learn) and learn how the Intellectual Property is at the essential base of any substantial investment that can bring to the common benefit a new technology. When our domestic small E-Cats will hit the market we will not have anymore a reverse engineering problem, as I already explained, because the economy scale will allow prices that will make competition not convenient. We are working on it. Requests of gifts as the one you are making are not generous attempts to give to the mankind a new technology, but attempts to get for free the fruits of 20 years of work, through what for you is an unimmaginable series of troubles, sacrifices and a good share of insults, blackmails, threats of any kind and also attempts to make me pass again through what I passed through 20 years ago, utilizing the same system and some of the same persons: the play did not succeed because what 20 years ago was enough to destroy me, today can’t even scratch me, due to the fact that such experiences either kill you or make you much stronger.
The First Principle of Thermodynamics should have teached to you that free meals do not exist. You can’t make the “Kaiser” with the Army of the others. Should I take seriously your request of Christmas gift, nobody could invest seriously in this technology and it would remain a social game. Quite a dangerous one.
I wish you a wonderful 2015, as well as, again, to all our Readers.

Rossi here is covering themes that he has gone over before when readers have suggested that he reveal his secrets as a gift to mankind. He is of the firm belief that the traditional industrialist/capitalist business model where intellectual property is is the one that brings the greatest overall benefit to society, as it leads to the investment needed for mass production and proliferation of technology. Also that there should be some kind of compensation for the work and associated trials he has gone through. It’s interesting that he considers that giving away his secrets would be quite a dangerous social game.

Rossi has spoken recently again of the domestic E-Cats hitting the market — as if it is part of the plan — and that when they do, there will be no worries for Industrial Heat regarding reverse engineering, because he believes economies of scale will make their products so cheap that no one will bother trying to copy their tech.

He seems quite confident these days — possibly that’s because things are going well with the 1 MW plant. Having working E-Cats mass produced on the market would be a tremendous achievement. But we’re not there yet, and it seems like it will be later this year, at the earliest, before we get confirmation of all he has been saying regarding IH’s commercial plans.