MFMP Design New Dog Bone Core

It’s been interesting watching the progress of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Project Dogbone, especially with the last two live experiments showing their live open science approach. We haven’t yet seen the hoped-for unambiguous demonstration of excess heat from the MFMP yet, but the experiments have been valuable in showing some things that don’t work, and where improvements need to be made.

One of the main areas of concern has been the design of the core which needs to be strong enough to contain very high hydrogen pressures when heated to certain levels. The MFMP concluded that in the first test, there was a leak in the reactor — and in the second, the stainless steel container was not able to contain the high pressure.

The MFMP have been reviewing the data, and looking at possible solutions, and on their Facebook page have presented a design of a new reactor with notes in the image below:


They also note regarding pressure drops they found in the second test:

“We have since learnt that other Russian researchers have seen a similar pressure drop. We also have learned that Dr. Alexander Parkhamov spent 5 hours just heating his reactor up – so if we had stuck with it, might we have seen excess heat – who knows?”