Rossi: “I Think Now is Too Late to Catch Us”

Here’s an interesting exchange on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

January 8th, 2015 at 12:32 PM
Dr Rossi:
Do you think it could be possible to make an industrial or domestic E-Cat, working every day for domestic or industrial customers, without using catalyzers, but only the fuel described in the Lugano Report?

Andrea Rossi
January 8th, 2015 at 3:51 PM
JC Renoir:
No, it is impossible. To make an E-Cat work regularly for months you need more than that. As I said, the E-Cat is a much more complicated thing than commonly is imagined. The substantial underevaluation of what we did has given us a strong advantage, since instead of changing the game, the imitation attempts on course try to fix old schemes, thinking that if we did something working the difference must be something very small, close to evanescent. This attitude gave us a strong advantage in the competition. For years I have been considered an imbecile who has been lucky God knows why, who makes things without understanding what the heck is doing ( in the best of cases). Or, more kindly, a fraudster. Obviously this has been a big advantage for our Team. I can say this now, since we are close to go commercial massively. I think now is too late to catch us.
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It seems from this post that Rossi is paying attention to the efforts to replicate/reverse engineer the E-Cat that are going on now — which he calls the ‘imitation attempts’ — and he doesn’t seem too threatened by them. I don’t know what he means when he says they are getting close to going ‘commercial massively’.

Rossi, of course, knows things we don’t know, but it doesn’t seem likely that we will be seeing E-Cats in stores anytime very soon, but maybe they are lining up things for the manufacturing of industrial plants pending a successful test outcome of the 1 MW plant.

Anyway, he seems to be feeling rather confident about his position in the marketplace — but I’m sure some will take his statement here as a challenge!