New Site: — Looking for Homemade Heat After Death (HAD)

There’s a new LENR replication site on the web — — which is the work of ECW poster Nickec. He is working to figure out ways that a low budget home experimenter might be able to do some basic building and testing of systems that could demonstrate LENR using inexpensive common parts that are readily available to most people.

For example, in conversations I have had with Nickec, he has mentioned the possibility of using a ceramic spark plug insulator as trial reactor vessel, and nichrome ribbon as a heater element.

Here’s part of a recent post:

In the language of LENR “heat-after-death”, or HAD, refers to things staying hotter than expected despite the lack of heat input – meaning that we shut down the heater but the system stays hot. Hmmm. That’s interesting. Can we do something to see that ourselves?

Let’s talk about the simplest possible experiment that might demonstrate HAD. We’re going to need: a reactor; stuff to put in the reactor; an accurate way to track reactor temperature; a heat source; and safety procedures.

The experiment will consist of heating the reactor and only tracking the temperature after removing the external heat source. We do this with an empty reactor multiple times to build confidence we know how it behaves. Then we start adding things inside the same reactor tracking temperature after external heat removal. Doing this multiple times we gather data to analyze.

I think the part about safety is absolutely essential for any person doing experimental work in LENR, especially if you are trying things at home or in the garage. There have been some alarming stories of explosions and meltdowns over the years, and safety is of the utmost importance in doing any kind of work with LENR. Andrea Rossi mentioned on the Journal of Nuclear Physics lately “In a nutshell: replications made by professionals are safe. By not professionals are dangerous.”

I feel sure that if any significant replication breakthrough there will be plenty of people, in labs and in homes, who will want to try and replicate LENR if it can be done relatively simply. I think it could be very possible that a whole ‘LENR Maker’ movement could spring up around the world, like we have seen with such things as computers, 3D printers, drones, etc.

It will be interesting to see if Nickec or others can come up with anything that shows any amount of HAD. It should go without saying, but I hope he, and anyone else exploring this approach take all necessary steps to stay safe.