New Report of Excess Heat Generated in a Hot Cat Replication Attempt by Jack Cole with Dale Basgall [Update: Q&A on Details of Experiment]

Thanks to Mr. Moho for posting about this on the Replication Thread.

An article on the LENR-Cold Fusion web site reports about an experiment which appears to show the generation of relatively small levels excess heat (compared to the Lugano report) in an attempt to replicate a Hot Cat-like device.

I am not exactly sure who the person reporting about this is. There is no author’s name listed on the site, but there are a number of references on this website to Dale Bagsall — so that might be the person who is doing the experimenting here.

UPDATE: Jack Cole commented on this thread today:

“I am the one who did the experiment. Dale [Basgall] provided valuable ideas and insight along the way. Sorry for the confusion and my name not showing on the site. This has been fixed.”

In any case, the article give some details about the setup, although not everything is clear:

“There have been several failed experiments and several promising experiments. The most recent experiment was the most promising finding yet–yielding an apparent excess heating of 10.4 watts. I utilized a different design in this experiment of sealing the heating element inside of the reaction chamber with the fuel. Using this approach, I was able to use DC current with a programmable power supply to reach higher temperatures within the core of the chamber. The temperatures were recorded via a PC connected to a type K thermocouple attached to the exterior of the alumina tube”

The author also notes that “This study used a different method of producing hydrogen within the cell than the LiAlH4 that is safer to handle while loading the fuel.”

In the article you will see various charts of power levels used and excess heat produced. Apparent excess heat is diminishing as power input is increased. The experiment is apparently ongoing, and the author says more data may be provided as time goes on.

UPDATE: More details about the experiment can be found in this Q&A on the Cold Fusion Now website: