History of LENR Timeline on the ECW LENR Knowledge Base (Help requested)

There has been some discussion over the years about putting together a timeline of events related to the history of LENR, and today there has been a great start to a project of this nature posted on the ECW LENR Knowledge Base — see here: http://kb.e-catworld.com/index.php?title=History_of_LENR_(Timeline)

Most of the work here has been done by Sanjeev — he’s listed a lot of important discoveries, events and papers, starting in 1844 and bringing us up to the 21st century.

It could be very useful to fill out this project, and keep it up-to-date — especially filling in important events that have taken place over recent years, since the emergence of the E-Cat and LENR+, and I thought I’d open an invitation for anyone in the community who’s interested to help contribute to the timeline.

I think this could be a very useful reference to people who are new to the subject of LENR. For example, it has a lot of excellent references to early papers of researchers who reported success in replicating the Pons and Fleischmann experiment, and it lists some key events and people who have contributed to the field.

If you’d like to help build the timeline, just click on the edit button at the top of the page, and make your additions. It would be very helpful to list a source for any entry you make.

Many thanks to Sanjeev for starting this, and to anyone who helps out!