Brian Ahern to Attempt Parkhomov Replication [Update #1 — Ahern Answers Questions]

Here’s an interesting announcement that comes via Peter Gluck’s Ego Out blog regarding another attempt to replicate Alexander Parkhomov’s experiment which is an attempt to make an analogue of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat. See number 5 at this link:

BRIAN AHERN, our reputed colleague who has essential contributions to LENR, expert in nanotechnology and in magnetism- among other disciplines announced five minutes ago:

“I intend to repeat the Parkhomov experiment.This could become viral by the end of January if we get it to work as well.”

Ocheni khorosho, dear Brian!

UPDATE #1 (Jan 21, 2015)

Thanks to artefact for pointing out that on the LENR-forum, Brian Ahern is answering readers’ questions about his replication attempt. You can check out the questions and answers at this link:

Ahern gives the specifications of the unit he is planning to build and the materials he will use. For anyone thinking of making an attempt to replicate Parkhomov’s experiment, I think it’s very important to note this safety advice from Ahern:

“The LiAlH4 is severely poisonous as well as pyrophoric. People have died from a single breath. You must operate in a hood.” He also mentions that he is going to put his reactor in an armored box

Andrea Rossi has expressed his respect for Brian Ahern’s work on numerous occasions recently, and said that an IH team has replicated an LENR system described in one of Ahern’s patents. Ahern has a lot of experience in experimentation, and I would imagine he would have the resources needed at his disposal to carry out this replication. I’m not sure where Ahern made this announcement, or what his intended schedule is, but this will be an interesting development to watch.