Rossi on Pre-ordered Domestic E-Cats

Someone raised the issue today on this site about whether the pre-orders for domestic E-Cats that people had sent years ago to Andrea Rossi when he first brought up the topic were still valid. So I put the question to Rossi on the Journal of Nuclear Physics, asking if people who are already on the pre-order list would have priority for receiving the first units produced, and received this response:

Andrea Rossi
January 20th, 2015 at 5:02 PM
Frank Acland:
Yes, the pre-orders will be handled as follows, if and when the domestic units will be put on the market: all the persons that have sent a pre-order will receive an offer: if they will confirm the order along the offer they will receive the E-Cat. Priority will not be a big issue, because when we will decide to put the domestic E-Cat in the market it will be produced in big numbers, so that it is likely that the delivery term will not be a big issue.
Warm Regards,

Note that he says here, “if and when” the domestic E-Cats appear on the market. It’s not guaranteed that they will, but it does sound like Industrial Heat is making a concerted effort to get these units certified. If I recall correctly, at one point Rossi said that he had received orders for about 200,000 units.

When he originally spoke about the domestic units, Rossi explained they were designed for home heat systems and could be installed in existing central heating systems. We will have to wait to find out what the cost of these units might be, but it sounds like high-volume, low-cost production is Industrial Heat’s strategy with these E-Cats. They apparently expect that reverse engineering will take place, and Rossi says they plan to sell them at price points low enough to discourage people from selling copies.

Personally I’m not raising my expectations to high about the domestic E-Cats at this point. I will be very glad to see them show up on the market, but I don’t want to try to predict when that time might come.