Project Fedora Thread [UPDATE #4: MFMP Refuse to Sign NDA with NicHEnergy]

There have been some interesting posts on the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project’s Facebook page today describing their initial meeting as part of Project Fedora — working with Francesco Piantelli. They have started out in Milan where they met with officials from Nichenergy, the company created to commercialize Piantelli’s LENR technology.

UPDATE #4 (January 25, 2015)

Many of us have been wondering what has been going on with the MFMP and their Project Fedora, and now there’s a post on the website by Bob Greenyer that gives a report of the status of their work with NicHenergy in Italy. He writes:

After a week of meetings and direct knowledge transfer, in which we neither had the time or energy to report on our learning, we were presented with an NDA to sign.

We refused to sign it without even reading it, it is not who we are, only bad things can come of signing an NDA for an organisation such as ours. Compounding that, is the fact that we are volunteers, why would we leave ourselves open to potentially ruinous legal repercussions when we have nothing to gain!

It was a generic NDA that would have been appropriate for an investor or employee, neither of which we are of course. The MFMP is only interested in finding the truth and adding to, rather than taking value from participants that have real technology that should properly be investigated.

The NDA would have required us to cease all other activities in related research and gagged us on the knowledge we knew and was to learn from NicHEnergy. It was not deliberately written that way, but all the same, that would have been the implications. Obviously it was an impossible ask, especially as we are already funded and committed to doing other experiments.

We then spent 4 full days, writing a cooperation agreement which respected both parties and which was well received by NicHEnergy.

We are considering doing a live-streamed in-principal discussion to debate the way forward, both NicHEnergy and the MFMP wish to find a way to cooperate that meets both of our respective goals. We are in a unique position and one that will not likely be repeated by any other kind of partner. If it is possible, we wish to demonstrate incontrovertibl y that Piantelli is the father of the Nickel Hydrogen system.

UPDATE #3 (January 13, 2015)

Here’s an update on the MFMP Facebook page regarding what has been going in Tuscany with Francesco Piantelli:

“It has been an educational first few days here with Piantelli and NicHEnergy.

“It is clear to all involved that it is in everybody’s best interest for the great work Piantelli has done here to be replicated. For us it is another chance at demonstrating this phenomenon. For NicHEnergy, it is validating their patent claims and increasing their value. It’s a win-win.

“Piantelli has been frustrated many times by replication attempts where the investigator starts from an incomplete understanding, tries it once, gets it wrong, and then claims that it is a failure. When they realised we would be willing to attempt it many times, as we have done with Francesco Celani, if necessary, they were more comfortable to proceed.

“With that in mind, he seems to have taken it upon himself to tutor us in detail about every aspect. With true, inspirational table pounding passion and conviction, he has shared many stories behind the data he has published over the years. We have heard about excess energy, transmutations, and radiation.

“To make this work, he plans to help us specify every detail to meet the many very specific requirements he has identified over his years of trial and error. When we get to actually building and running it, he wants to review each step to make sure it tests tight, bakes out well, and runs according to plan, including all data. We are pleased with that.

“As we are learning, we are beginning to see this as a long process and are estimating the time and costs involved. Without this trip to learn all these details, a replication attempt based just on the published details would be impossible”

UPDATE #2 (January 12, 2015) I contacted Bob Greenyer asking him how things were going with Project Fedora where the team is now in Tuscany meeting with Francesco Piantelli at his lab. I got a brief message in reply: “Really good… intense… hope to message on it later today”

UPDATE #1 (January 9, 2015) Here are some excerpts from the MFMP:

Two hour initial discussion establishes common ground with NicHEnergy and direction for the coming marathon.

After an utterly punishing journey to get here and a complete logistical nightmare organising the key first meeting, we had a very productive afternoon with NicHEnergy.

What was demonstrated more clearly today than anything, is that there is simply NO SUBSTITUTE for face to face discussions, and we are indebted to everyone that made just this one day possible.

We learnt a huge amount about each others organisations and motives, our hopes and fears for the coming days and how best we can learn and work together in a positive way.

Every bit of the experience we have gained since 2012 was important in this meeting, as was the unique community supported way we function. We hope we will have a chance to work in a way that yields evidence, understanding and results that have eluded others who have tried in recent years.

The MFMP says that following the meeting in Milan they will be heading to Tuscany where Dr. Piantelli has his secret laboratory. The have enlisted the services of an Italian filmmaker who will be documenting the activity, and acting as an interpreter, since Piantelli does not speak English.

I am sure we will be hearing (and hopefully seeing via video) about the progress of Project Fedora.