Andrea Rossi Honors Sven Kullander With Plaque on 1 MW E-Cat Plant

Today I received the following message and image from Andrea Rossi:

“Dear Frank:
I send you the photo of the plate we applied to the 1 MW plant to day,: one year ago prof. Sven Kullander passed away. I would be glad if you publish it in your important blog.
Warmest Regards,


It would have been nice to see the plaque mounted in its place of honor on the plant itself, but I don’t think we’ll see a picture of the plant until the testing has been completed and IH and the customer are satisfied with the performance.

Anyway, if the plant is a success, Sven Kullander will have secured a place in E-Cat history with this plaque. His early support of Rossi and his technology (along with his colleague and compatriot Hanno Essen) was important in giving credibility to Andrea Rossi’s claims.