LENR to Cause Global Recession? (Vessy’s Blog)

There is an article published on Vessy’s Blog at the E-Cat the New Fire website titled “Will LENR plunge the world in a global recession?” written by Vessela Nikolova and an Italian trader identified as Simone P. which discusses the possibility that the emergence of LENR has already been a cause of the drop in oil prices, and that if oil prices drop much further we could be facing a global economic recession.

Here’s a chart that is used to illustrate the possible correlation between LENR and oil prices:


The article also discusses the chance that in time oil prices could spike due to diminishing production if there is not investment by oil companies in developing new fields because of lack of resources due to depressed oil prices.

It’s a debate that has been going on for some time now, and I am sure it will continue, especially if LENR makes a positive appearance. I personally think LENR does have the potential to be highly disruptive, and in time replace many of the current energy sources we use, but what is not clear to me would happen during a transition from a fossil fuel-based economy to one where LENR could be the primary energy source used. There are so many variables at play that I think forecasting is very tricky.