Note From Alexander Parkhomov about Official Publication

I received this note from Alexander Parkhomov in response to an inquiry I sent regarding his presentation:

All my presentations and video filmings with my participation are originally published on the site http://lenr It is only possible to copy that is published there.

The presentation of my report in VNIIAES on January 27 didn’t intend for the publication as in many respects repeats presentation of the report on December 25. It wasn’t published on the above site. It is the illegal publication containing the numerical symbols which are mistakenly inserted into the table. The discrepancies revealed in it testify to the high attention to my researches. It is good. But that the stolen materials get to the Internet, it is bad.

The presentation of the report given on January 29 at N. V. Samsonenko’s seminar will be published on the site soon.

Alexander Parkhomov