New Report From Alexander Parkhomov With New Data, Details [Update: English Translation and Video Available]

A new updated report from Alexander Parkhomov has been published which includes information from an earlier report he published in December, plus new information and details from further experimentation he has carried out.

The new report can be found here in the original Russian. Translation of the text from Russian into English has been provided by Bob Higgins and Peter Gluck below:

ParkhomovPaper 20150129 English

I have not had time to thoroughly go through a translation of this report, but I am including here one chart from the report that is new and quite interesting:


The heading for this chart is: “”Temperature change in the heating process. Experiment 18. 01.2015”

Below the chart is this explanation:

“At the beginning of the experiment the reactor was in the air corundum supports. The maximum temperature reached 900 ° C at a power electric heating 450 watts. Then the reactor was surrounded by thermal insulation of corundum powder. at constant power of 160 W temperature increased from 600 to 1000 ° C. Then the reactor for 38 minutes at a working temperature of about 1080 ° C. At an attempt to increase the temperature of the heater burnout occurred.”

It’s noteworthy, I think, that in this experiment, after the heater burned out, that there is no continuation of any reaction, as there seemed to be in the December experiment when the burnout happened at higher temperatures.

According to the tables published in this report, at the time of burnout the COP of this system was 1.73.

UPDATE: Video of the January 29th presentation by Parkhomov at the People’s Free University is posted below: