What Chance does Rossi and his Backers Have Against Entrenched Conglomerates? (Surveiltz)

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Since the first day after Mr. Rossi went public, I have been following his progress with the e-cat. This is the first time I comment and welcome speculation on what I’m about to say…

Mr. Rossi seems concerned with mass production in order to achieve economies of scale that would discourage industrial theft. His strategies are no doubt valid as we have seen entire companies, from fake products to fake headquarters, copied ad nausea. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen him address what, from my perspective, constitutes a much larger existential threat, that is, entrench ed energy conglomerates. Namely nuclear, coal, gas and hydro electric utilities which are often government owned and operated, fossil fuels and the giganormous tax revenues governments leech off them and, as time goes by, the foothold solar and wind industries are gaining.

The reason I bring this up is because here, in North America, we have seen first hand the extent of corruption and downright nasty business practices disruptive technologies can bring out of entrenched oligopolies. I’m referring, of course, to the entertainment industry. From the successful lobbying of repressive laws to filing lawsuits against individual consumers, there is no end or bottom to their shameful behavior. All this and they represent a mere fraction of the GDP the energy sector represents.

What chance does Rossi and his backers have against such powerful, global business interests and the governments they’ve pocketed? I hate to sound pessimistic, but really, all I can see is Rossi’s discovery being marred in endless anti-competitive regulatory bureaucracy. I can also see the environment taking a swift back seat if all these people are suddenly faced with such a disruptive threat. So, anyone care to speculate on reasons why this wouldn’t be the case?