Rossi: 30,000 Components Make up 1 MW E-Cat Plant

Andrea Rossi has been talking on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about the necessity to continually monitor and control the 1 MW Plant that he reports is currently under a long-term test at the site of a customer of Industrial Heat. Recently he described his job as being similar to a conductor of an orchestra.

When asked by a reader what he does when babysitting the plant he responded:

Andrea Rossi
February 1st, 2015 at 9:07 PM

control of temperature, steam, flow rates, correct operation of pumps, electromagnetics, just to give an example; obviously I cannot enter into particulars, but consider that the 1 MW plant has about 30,000 components and an orchestra of more than 100 reactors to put in harmony, trying to reach the “perfect harmony”. It is not easy, considering that this is a prototype.
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It has often been noted that the E-Cat is basically a very simple device — just a reactor with fuel that gets heated up to produce a reaction — but what Rossi is describing here is something very complex and apparently sensitive that needs to be maintained in perfect balance to operate correctly. The mention here of ‘electromagnetics’ is interesting — it’s not something I can remember Rossi bringing up as being central to the E-Cat before.

Incidentally, Mats Lewan posted yesterday on his blog about the E-Cat replication efforts that are going on at the moment, and made this comment regarding the 1 MW plant:

“There’s no way to confirm this, but let me just say that I have reasons to believe that the megawatt plant exists and works and that the collaboration between Rossi and IH goes on.”

I suppose that there are still people out there who think Andrea Rossi is telling a huge lie about the 1 MW plant, and he’s still carrying on with his massive E-Cat fraud — but I think that is an increasingly difficult position to rationally hold on to. From everything I have been able to learn, I can’t find a reason not to take Andrea Rossi’s reports very seriously — and I certainly expect that in due time the plant will be revealed.