GoatGuy on the Parkhomov Report (Next Big Future)

As a number of people have pointed out, the Next Big Future web site has reported about the Parkhomov replication, and the possible implications of it. One of the moderators of the site, GoatGuy, has been a consistent critic of the E-Cat over the years, and seems to have quite a significant following on the site and elsewhere on the web, and so it’s interesting to see that he has made a comment about the Parkhomov replication which seems to be taking it quite seriously.

I’m not sure of GG’s background, but he does seem to have wide-ranging knowledge on a lot of science-based topics, and I think that’s what makes people look to him for evaluation of LENR and other topics covered on Next Big Future. He’s not convinced by Parkhomov, but he seems intrigued, and actually has some compliments and suggestions for further replication.

He seems to be reasonably satisfied with Parkhomov’s methodology and is hopeful that other replicators can follow similar procedures. His main point in this comment is that for LENR to be confirmed, there has to be a footprint of nuclear reactions taking place. Some excerpts from his comment (full comment can be found here:

“Remember, keep your eye on the ball: this is supposed to be a nuclear reactor. Don’t forget this part! There are exactly no nuclear reactions that don’t produce transmutations, be they plus-ups (absorbed neutrons, or nucleus-captured electrons), spalls (where tiny fragments whizz off the nuclei, such as alpha particles), or “daughter products” (pairs or more of fragments from nucleus fission events). Do not forget this part.


“NONE-THE-LESS … and this is key … in the test-cell, following the experimental reaction, there should be a recoverable “ash”, mostly made of a combination of lithium, aluminum and metallic nickel, which through the dynamics of high-temperature diffusion, have become a messily mixed blob. Blobs. In the presence of hydrogen, aluminum and especially lithium are really pretty good metallic “amalgamators” (amalgam = a superficial “surface alloy” of bare metals and usually mercury).

“These spent reactants should definitely carry atomic species that suggest that the celebrated Low Energy Nuclear Reactionshave taken place.”

I don’t think that so far, Parkhomov, or anyone else involved in replicating has done the nuclear analysis that GG is looking for, but we know that there were isotopic shifts reported in the Lugano report. Fuel analysis is a much more complex an expensive procedure to carry out than simply measuring for excess heat, but it would be very interesting to see if the Lugano transmutations can be replicated by someone involved in replication attempts.