Rossi Responds to Publication of Inspection Report

Here’s a link to a document published on a website of Gary Wright which is apparently written by two physicists from the Radiation Protection Section of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, who responded to a report that Andrea Rossi, working for Industrial Heat, LLC, might be working with radioactive materials.

I contacted Andrea Rossi for comment and he wrote:

Dear Frank: I read this usual journalistic fraud of these zombies. They have a long story of journalistic frauds: remember when they published that the safety certification made on the 1 MW plant by SGS was fake, and I had to publish the certificate? Remember when they published a fake Data Base of the Italian Patent Office, where there had been falsificated the data regarding the name of the inventor, saying I was not the inventor, but there was the name of a non existing guy? Now this: obviously the statements introjected in JT Vaughn, vice president of Industrial Heat, are totally false, never said to any “investigator”, totally groundless, and I confirm, under my word of honour, that our relationship with Industrial Heat has never been better than now. Our Team, which is made by the men of Industrial Heat under my direction as the chief scientist, is making a wonderful work, that has lead to a magnificent plant. Obviously, R&D is on course, and we cannot consider to have reached consolidated results until at least 1 year of operation will have confirmed the reliability of the performance of the plant and we all know that the results could be positive, as well as negative, as I always said.
We are working together on this with a very hard work, I am working on this 16 hours per day and my team is working hard, even during holidays. With the help of God I think we will reach our goal.
Warmest Regards,
Andrea Rossi