Statement from Industrial Heat Regarding State Inspections and Support of Andrea Rossi’s Work

I received the following statement from JT Vaughn of Industrial Heat, LLC, after I had inquired regarding the position of the company on a recently released report from inspectors from the North Carolina Health and Human Services Department which has been discussed at length here. I, and other inquirers have received confirmation from David Crowley, Manager, Radioactive Materials Branch – Division of Health Service Regulation, that this report was an authentic copy of a report made by inspectors in his department.

I share this statement with the permission of JT Vaughn.

Industrial Heat, LLC has learned of a report confirming the absence of any radioactive materials in our facilities. While the conclusion was sensible — there was no evidence of radioactive material at our site — the report went on to make other observations beyond the scope of the investigation.

Industrial Heat has invested in energy technologies in their early stages of development. ‎We have a long term strategy of spending our resources on ideas which might or might not be successful in the market. We do this because the world still needs new, clean and efficient energy sources. We remain committed to supporting technologies that will reduce the environmental impact of producing energy and raise the standard of‎ living in developing countries.

Industrial Heat acquired certain rights to Andrea Rossi’s LENR technology. The company continues to support Dr. Rossi’s research and development, and we are hopeful that our funding can lead to new discoveries. Since the acquisition, there has been no departure from our support for this project, or any other projects.

Any suggestions of the views of Industrial Heat, apart from those described here, do not reflect the views of Industrial Heat or its staff.