“Cold Fusion – If This is True, the Oil Becomes Worthless” (Norwegian TU Magazine)

Thanks to those who have shared about an article which was published by the Norwegian magazine TU (Teknisk Ukeblad) titled “Cold Fusion – If this is true, the oil becomes worthless”.

The author, Odd Richard Valmot, looks at the implications of the possibility of commercially available LENR energy, and interviews Nils Holme, engineer in technical physics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) who was involved in organizing the seminar held in Oslo where various experts talked about recent developments in LENR.

Holmes is quoted as saying “It is time that physicists stop ridiculing LENR. Now we have two experiments that are supervised by respected, unbiased physicists. One of those who participated in the experiment in Italy, is senior lecturer in theoretical physics at KTH Hanno Essén, has even led the Swedish skeptic Association. He is not easy to convince with something that can not be explained, but he accepts it as can be observed. There is little doubt that this works.”

Regarding the implications of LENR to Norway in particular, Holme states, “LENR is potentially devastating to our economy, and we should rather see how Norway can secure a place in this development. This may come quicker than it takes to plan and develop new oil fields.”

So it seems that influential people in Norway are waking up to the reality of LENR — and not ignoring it, as it could affect in great measure the lifeblood of the Norwegian economy. How they could take advantage of LENR, rather than be swept away by it, is a big question, however. I don’t know if there is any way for an oil-based economy to immunize itself against the potentially severe impacts that LENR might have. Norway does have a huge sovereign wealth fund built on oil profits however, and it might be time for them to think about investments they could make with those funds to prepare for the possibility of LENR.