New Paper on ‘Renaissance of Low Energy Physics’ (

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There is an article that has just been published in the database titled, “Charged particle assisted nuclear reactions in solid state environment: renaissance of low energy nuclear physics” written by Péter Kálmán and Tamás Keszthelyi both of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Budapest, Hungary.

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I have to admit that I am unable to understand most of what is written in this paper because of its highly theoretical nature, but the abstract explains the scope of the paper:

The features of electron assisted neutron exchange processes in crystalline solids are survayed. It is stated that, contrary to expectations, the cross section of these processes may reach an observable magnitude even in the very low energy case because of the extremely huge increment caused by the Coulomb factor of the electron assisted processes and by the effect of the crystal-lattice. The features of electron assisted heavy charged particle exchange processes, electron assisted nuclear capure processes and heavy charged particle assisted nuclear processes are also overviewed. Experimental observations, which may be related to our theoretical findings, are dealt with. The anomalous screening phenomenon is related to electron assisted neutron and proton exchange processes in crystalline solids. A possible explanation of observations by Fleischmann and Pons is presented. The possibility of the phenomenon of nuclear transmutation is qualitatively explained with the aid of usual and charged particle assisted reactions. The electron assisted neutron exchange processes in pure Ni and Li−Ni composite systems (in the Rossi-type E-Cat) are analyzed and it is concluded that these reactions may be responsible for recent experimental observations.

Perhaps this paper is a sign of a rebirth in interest in LENR among theoreticians.