Wired UK Magazine Covers MFMP Explosive Experiment

David Hambling, writer for Wired UK, has written an article about last night’s experiment carried out by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project in which a reactor containing nickel powder mixed with lithium aluminum hydride was placed inside a silicon carbide heating element and heated to over 1000C. The experiment came to an abrupt conclusion when there was a sudden explosion.

Hambling writes:

“It is too soon to say whether the explosion really was due to the sort of runaway cold fusion reactions alleged to have destroyed a number of Parkhomov’s test reactors, or whether it was something simpler . . . The MFMP might just have succeeded in producing its first visible cold fusion reaction at last. Rossi has indicated that the difficult part is maintaining a controlled, stable reaction once it starts and preventing runaway, and this may be why he feels he is ahead in the race to commercialise the technology. ”