How to Make a MFMP ‘Glowstick’ Reactor (Video)

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for posting about the following.

The Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has just released a video titled *GlowStick*, in which Alan Goldwater and Bob Greenyer of the MFMP demonstrate how to build what they call a Glowstick reactor, which they used in the recent testing during the famous experiment which ended with a Bang!

Alan shows how they seal the reactor with a Swagelok bolt system used to seal the reactor chamber so that there is no hydrogen leakage, and then how they test for leaks using a jar and a flame. Alan explains why he thinks this should be a very safe system, but of course — safety measures are crucial in any kind of experimentation, as we noted on Thursday night when the MFMP team needed protection from their explosion.

I recall hearing on the live feed that this Glowstick reactor can be built for around $25. From the MFMP testing on Thursday with this hydrogen leak detector, the sealing system seemed to work — until the explosion happened. And from what I can gather, it was the reactor wall that failed, not the Swagelok seal.