New Replication Attempt by Benoit Schillings

Another attempt to replicate an E-Cat-type reactor has come to my attention via Facebook. Benoit Schillings has started a thread in which he describes his idea for a reactor design:

“I am setting up a prototype using Titanium Hydride which seems to be a better source of Hydogren with much easier control than LiAlH4. Prototype is in a fat wall quartz tube and direct joule heating (no heating wire). Any comments/ideas ?”

Benoit explains that he will use quartz/Silica tube as the reactor vessel because it can withstand temperatures up to 1400C, and that since it is transparent he will be able to visually monitor the contents of the reactor. He also explains that Titanium Hydride is his choice of a hydrogen source because it is safer to work with than lithium aluminum hydride as it does not react with moisture at room temperature, and releases hydrogen at 500C

There’s no source of lithium in this experiment, and since that was present in both the Lugano Hot Cat and the Parkhomov reactor, I wonder if that might affect the performance of this reaction.

Benoit is in the San Francisco Bay area, and invites anyone who might like to work with him to make contact via Facebook. There’s also a thread in LENR-Forum where people can interact with Benoit here: