Workshop on Rossi/Parkhomov Heat at CIAM (Russian Aviation Engineering Institute)

Here’s an interesting announcement about an upcoming workshop that is posted on the Russian Cold Nuclear Transmutation and CMM site (Google translated from the Russian)

19/02/2015 in CIAM workshop report “Physical and mathematical model of radiant heat in the combustion chambers of gas turbine engines and heat generation in the generators of Rossi – Parkhomov.”
On Thursday, February 19, 2015 at the Central Institute of Aviation Motors. PI Baranova, a regular meeting mezhotrasle-new scientific and technical seminar “Applied Problems of Mechanics-tinuous medium in aircraft engine.” Will make a report:

“Physical and mathematical model of radiant heat in the combustion chambers of GTE and heat generation in the generators of Rossi – Parkhomov. ”
(Authors: MJ Ivanov, VK Mamaev, MA Surin).

The seminar will be held in 15-00 in the small conference hall of CIAM (Building 19, 2nd floor).

The workshop

Doctor of Technical Sciences,
Professor Yu Themis

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,
Professor MJ Ivanov

Phones for information and pre-registration for the seminar:
495-361-64-76; 495-362-13-86

Access to the CIAM participants on the passport.

CIAM is the P. I. Baranov Central Institute of Aviation Motor Development located in Moscow, and according to Wikipedia, is “the only specialized Russian research and engineering facility dealing with advanced aerospace propulsion research, aircraft engine certification and other gas dynamics-related issues. It was founded in 1930. CIAM operates the largest aerospace engine testing facility in Europe, surpassed only by the USA’s Arnold Engineering Development Center and Glenn Research Center. engineering institute specializing in advanced propulsion”

For this institute to be holding a seminar on Rossi-style LENR shows that there are Russian scientists and engineers taking the E-Cat seriously, and with Alexander Parkhomov’s name mentioned in the same breath as Rossi, they are taking the work of their compatriot replicator seriously also.