BlackRock, Inc — World’s Largest Asset Management Company — ‘Closely Following’ LENR

Thanks to an E-Cat World reader for finding the following and sharing it.

BlackRock Inc. is the world’s largest asset management company, managing over $4 trillion in assets for pension funds, corporate accounts, and individual investors.

The BlackRock Investment Institute is a research and analysis arm of BlackRock which looks at the global investment picture and tries to anticipate trends and opportunities for its clients. In June 2012 BlackRock Investment Institute published a document called “US Shale Boom: A Case of (Temporary) Indigestion” which looked at the rapid emergence of the United States as a leading petroleum producer, and that that might mean for global markets, and the investment opportunities it could provide.

For our purposes, the most interesting aspect of the report, is on page 11 of the document where alternative energy sources are discussed:

“We are closely following start-ups experimenting with new technologies such as low-energy nuclear reaction and fusion. If successful, these efforts could completely change the current status quo and hurt traditional energy producers. It is worth watching this space. People tend to overestimate what can be done in a year, but underestimate what can happen in a decade”

This document is now two and a half years old, so in some ways this is old news (I don’t remember seeing it before, however), but the significant thing here is, I think, that the largest investment management company in the world is ‘closely following’ developments in LENR. There has been a lot of news in the LENR field since June 2012, and most likely the analysts at BlackRock are following closely — and they may be making investment decisions based on what they are seeing, especially if they are taking a long-term view.