“We’re at the Tipping Point” (Brian Westenhaus)

Brian Westenhaus has written an article providing his assessment of the current situation with LENR/E-Cat technology which is published both at New Energy and Fuel and Oilprice.

His overall stance is very bullish, especially given the replication efforts of Alexander Parkhomov, MFMP and others. Westenhaus says that positive results from Parkhomov, coupled with the Lugano report of E-Cat testing bode well for the claims of Rossi, and shed much doubt on what the critics have been saying over the years about the E-Cat being a scam.

He writes:

“These scientists who engage in demoralizing, dismissive and character assassination and destruction have done far more harm than any collection of ‘scammers’ anyone might choose to propose. It’s a huge embarrassment that’s been tolerated for far too long.


“We’re at the tipping point. Four years ago Mr. Rossi was quite hard to believe. Now the flip looks to be underway. Now its very hard to believe any skeptics.”

I’m not sure if there will be a single ‘tipping point’ moment that will convince everyone all at once — I suppose each of us has our own tipping points which come at different times.

From my own perspective I’ve had very little reason not to believe Rossi from the very beginnings of the story. I think the evidence provided by Focardi, Levi, Kullander and Essen among others in early 2011 gave Rossi’s claims lots of credibility — and over the years the evidence has become even stronger. Successful replications of the ‘Rossi Effect’ will only serve to bolster his claims even more.