Russian Science Media Openly Discussing LENR: Are they Stealing a March on Western Science? (Ian Walker)

The following post was submitted by Ian Walker

Hi all

With Russian science media openly discussing LENR, and a host of conferences on LENR at Moscow’s Universities and academic research centres are they stealing a march on western science?

I refer to the current state of LENR research listed in the publication Pro-Atom

With what appears to be the cold war hotting up again, can western academics afford to allow magazines such as Nature to censor LENR research, based on the negative results of just four incompetently carried out experiments published in the late 80s and early 90s?

With the increasing numbers of successful LENR results, and major academic institutions, research organisations and internet news media talking about LENR with increasing confidence:

The Application of LENR to Synergistic Mission Capabilities (NASA technical report)

NASA Spaceplanes concept running on LENR (cold fusion)!

There are signs that those at Wikipedia; due to it being seen as increasingly irrelevant, and shifted down the Google rankings as a result, have now reversed the negative view that prevailed there, how long before Nature follows suit?

The question is, will it be too little too late?

Kind Regards walker