Alexander Parkhomov to Speak about ‘New Data’ the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute [Update: Meeting postponed until March]

UPDATE: According to an announcement on the Cold Nuclear Transmutation and CMM website. his meeting has been postponed until March — date and time yet to be determined.

Thanks to Peter Gluck for sharing the following announcement from the Cold Nuclear Transmutation and CMM website (Google translated from the Russian):

Seminar in MEPI 24/02/15. in 16.15 c AG report Parkhomov according to new data from the high-temperature heat source analog A.Rossi

Seminar in MEPI 24/02/15. at 16.15. Speaker Parkhomov AG Title: High-temperature heat source A.Rossi and study of its counterpart. Contact tel. +7 (910) 465 03 71 Peter Vasilevich. Number audience will be specified later.

MEPI is an acronym for the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), and according to this description in Wikipedia is ” one of the most recognized technical universities in Russia.”

I think that February 24th was the date that the MFMP team has been invited to visit Parkhomov in Moscow, so perhaps if they go, they will be attending this presentation. It would be great to have someone report back to us on what is presented there.