E-Cat Plant Needs New Design (SteveW)

The following comment was first posted on this thread by SteveW

An absolutely revolutionary scientific breakthrough and discovery by Rossi. Unfortunately the laboratory test apparatus was directly adapted for commercialization. Now you add sophisticated engineering but you still have an unpractical commercial product. I was really hoping to see something totally different than the original plant. After four years of waiting, as far as I’m concerned Rossi has accomplished little to really advance this technology though I am sure he has worked very hard.

This is what happens when someone works tirelessly- going down the wrong track. I now view IH as amateurish, They are not in the big leagues, they just followed along and funded Rossi’s unbridled plans. I put the blame more on IH for being un-visionary followers. When someone works on a design for a long time they become closed to other possibilities- it’s just how the brain works.

Dramatically changing a design may mean throwing away years of work, this causes mental distress which leads to self delusion. Rossi needed a technology company to step in and say no sometimes and have vision and ideas to put into the mix.

For those still wondering if this technology is real, I suppose these pictures will help them to realize it is. But for me, I’ve already believed it’s real for a long time. I just want this technology to be released, so, now unfortunately, others will be able to design the reactors to change the world.

For Rossi’s sake, I hope this is just a decoy to deceive the competition and the real plant is being developed in secret.

Steve W