Growing Track Record Indicates Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat Should be Taken Seriously

I’ve been following the story of the E-Cat since early 2011, and paid close attention to most of what Andrea Rossi has written and spoken over the years — and he has written and said a lot. He has always expressed confidence in the reality and validity of his technology, and has made many statements about what he has hoped and expected with the E-Cat.

Some things have not panned out as he has predicted, at least yet. For example in 2011 he was hopeful that domestic E-Cats would be on the market very quickly, and we have not seen them yet (apparently due to no safety certification).

However, I would contend that in important statements about things over which he has some control, that Andrea Rossi has a very good track record of coming through on his projections. Here are some examples that come to mind.

  • Rossi said that he would perform a test of a 1 MW Plant in October 2011 — it happened.
  • Rossi said that he had received safety certification for the 1 MW Plant — he produced a signed safety certificate from SGS.
  • Rossi said that he had sold his IP to an American company — Industrial Heat issued a press release announcing their acquisition of the rights to the E-Cat.
  • Rossi said that a 1 MW plant shipped to a US customer after acceptance testing. Documents show this happened.
  • Rossi said there would be third party testing of the E-Cat, with reports published. It happened (three times).
  • Rossi said that he was building a new 1 MW plant to be installed at a customer site. Photos were produced of the plant being manufactured.

My point here is that it does not seem wise to dismiss Andrea Rossi when he speaks of the E-Cat. He has a strong and growing track record of delivering on important pronouncements. In my estimation the chances of him being involved in a grand deception, a fraud, a con, or living in some kind of delusional state, is zero. All the evidence cited above point to the fact that Rossi is a serious, committed and capable scientist/engineer/entrepreneur.

Of course the big question that everyone wants to know is when the E-Cat will be on the market, producing useful energy. None of the above points made above can tell us that, and Rossi himself won’t make a definitive prediction about that. He says he is hopeful, but has not predicted victory — ‘results could be positive or negative’ is his mantra when it comes to predictions.

But when Rossi says something significant about the E-Cat — I don’t think we are smart to ignore or dismiss it. If he does produce what he intends (a working LENR plant that saves a customer money) it will be something historic — a demonstrable new way of producing efficient energy — that could have far-reaching implications for the world.

Frank Acland