Andrea Rossi Releases Photos of 1MW LENR / Cold Fusion E-Cat Plant [Update #2 ‘Gift to our Readers’]

Thanks to David Nygren of the LENR Forum for posting here today about a new website: which has seemingly just appeared. It bills itself as the  ‘Official Website’, of Andrea Rossi, although it’s not quite clear who is the publisher.

UPDATE #2 (Feb 18, 2015)

Rossi wrote on the JONP about why he released these pictures, and also a little about what was not shown:

I wanted to make a gift to our Readers. Obviously on course of the tests that we are making something will change, but the scope of the photos is not to disclose particulars that we deem critical.
The plant is much more complex than appears in the photos, but they give an idea of the thing, though. No more photos will be produced until the tests will be finished.
Warm Regards,

UPDATE #1 (Feb 18, 2015)

Andrea Rossi made several statements confirming the authenticity of the picture on the JONP. Here is one:

Mark Saker:
These photos, published on my personal website, have been made months ago in Raleigh’s factory, during the final phases of the manufacturing .
Warm Regards,

It does have some interesting pictures of what seem to be a new E-Cat Plant. Perhaps this is from the current plant? Here are a few:




The only two people I recognize in the picture are Rossi himself, and Fulvio Fabiani, an engineer who has worked with Rossi for some years now, and we know he has been working in the United States. I am sure there will be plenty of sleuthing about these picture now!

It does seem that all that we see in these pictures is housed within the walls of a shipping container — which is what Rossi has said is the case — and things seem more uniform than what we saw with the ‘tin foil’ covered reactors in pictures of the earlier plants that was built in Italy.

The rest of the pictures:






And this picture is from the main page of the site: