So, if the E-Cat goes open source, what then? (Charlie Sutherland)

The following comment was submitted by Charlie Sutherland

This has been fun.  I’ve been reading a bit on the E-Cat specifically and LENR (cold fusion) in general. It seems it is well on its way to reality and tending toward open source technology as more folks get into the research.

Assuming LENR energy is real and open source, this is going to be one crazy century.  It is hard to imagine the new freedoms that come with personal portable energy.  With little need for the grid and no need for the infrastructure to sustain it, what then?  

If, eventually, the LENR powered family GPS and RADAR navigated collision-free quadrocopter takes over for today’s family car and UPS and Fedex and Papa John’s delivers the world’s goods to your door with variations of these things, what need is there for roads?  

If eventually your LENR power units deliver, electricity, heat & AC, water, waste disposal, the power for your garden tractor and transportation, etc., how do governments and nations change?   Hope I live long enough to see the changes…..What fun!

Charlie Sutherland