Current Science Journal Publishes Special Issue on LENR

Current Science: a Fortnightly Journal of Research, is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary science journal published twice monthly by the Current Science Association, in collaboration with the Indian Academy of Sciences.

UPDATE (Feb 24, 2015)

The finalized issue on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction has now been published as a special section in the Vol 8, no. 4 issue of Current Science (previously pre-print versions were available). From the preface:

In this special section, we have invited many of the stalwarts in the field of LENR to share their main research findings. The goal of the set of papers is to provide an overview of the field from the experts in each area involved. The objective was not to solicit new work(s) that would of course be important for specialists
in the field, but to provide, in one place, a scholarly introduction to the various developments, including many
of the important references that have been produced over the years. We have allowed the authors of the theory papers to present their models in their own words, rather than having someone else attempt to present them . . .

We believe that this collection of papers constitutes a major review of the field. The observations over the years
confirm the occurrence of not only fusion reactions between the deuterons (d; or protons, p) among themselves,
but even between the hydrogenous isotopes and the metal’ lattice nuclei. These latter type of reactions have
come to be known as LENR transmutation reactions

The finalized contents of this issue are avialable at this link:

We learned a few weeks ago that there was an effort taking place in India by certain academics urging the Indian government to begin a cold fusion research program, and it was noted that Current Science would be publishing a special section about LENR. It will be interesting to learn how much attention this publication gets. We have been told that peer reviewed articles are what is needed to get officialdom to take LENR seriously — and this is indeed a peer-reviewed journal — the top interdisciplinary science journal in India, as I understand it.