Current Science Article Detailing E-Cat Tests a First in a Peer Reviewed Journal

Thanks to Barbierir for bringing attention to the following:

The article in the Current Science special issue on LENR titled “Lattice-enabled nuclear reactions in the nickel and hydrogen gas system” by David J. Nagel is probably the first article to be published in a widely recognized peer review journal to provide a detailed description of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat invention, and other nickel-hydrogen technologies, such as Piantelli’s NicHenergy and Defkalion Green Technologies.

This is the abstract of the article:

Thousands of lattice-enabled nuclear reaction (LENR) experiments involving electrochemical loading of deuterium into palladium have been conducted and reported in hundreds of papers. But, it appears that the first commercial LENR power generators will employ gas loading of hydrogen onto nickel. This article reviews the scientific base for LENR in the gas-loaded Ni–H system, and some of the tests of pre-commercial prototype generators based on this combination.

Barbierir quotes Abd ul-Rahman Lomax, who on vortex-l explains how these articles were selected for publication:

“Last year, the editors of the section solicited papers from researchers in the field of LENR. These papers went through two reviews, first by the special section editors and then, if the editors decided to forward the paper, by a normal peer reviewer assigned by Current Science”

While personally I think the validity of the E-Cat has been established very well to this point without the blessing of a peer reviewed journal — having information about it, and related technologies, in a peer reviewed journal could be very useful in efforts to try and educate a wider audience about the topic. Some people will not take any scientific claim seriously unless it has appeared in a peer reviewed publication, and this could help garner some new interest and make the whole field of nickel-hydrogen LENR more respectable.