New Book: “Hot-Cat 2.0: How last generation E-Cats are made” by Roberto Ventola and Vessela Nikolova

I have just been informed by Vessela Nikolova that a new book has been published titled, “Hot-Cat 2.0: How last generation E-Cats are made” authored by Eng. Roberto Ventola and Vessela Nikolova. Vessela explains on her blog that the technical aspects of the content; this was provided by Roberto Ventola. (see here:

Here’s an excerpt from the sample content provided:

“Hot-Cat 2.0” will show you a sort of “naked” Hot-Cat, virtually passing the device through an X-ray and giving a look at it from completely new points of view. You’ll find that almost all the mysteries and inconsistencies
noted by many observers during the Third-Party testing are perfectly solved if you accept the fact that an E-Cat is now a complex machine whose intellectual property must be protected in every way.

“By making a careful analysis of all – and I really mean all – the publicly available information (which has been carefully preserved and interpreted) we will be – at least partially – ripping off the veil of secrecy surrounding an E-Cat, and telling the story of this invention-cumproduct, thus allowing you to enter a sort of “time machine”. In this way, you’ll understand why Rossi and his team have chosen certain roads and not others in their attempts to obtain the best possible results . . .

“The first step to be taken in order to replicate a Hot-Cat 2.0 is to understand how it is done. This is not always easy, for the simple reason that Rossi had sometimes had fun misdirecting people. In this long analysis, you will discover when this happened, and how, at the same time, he has also on occasions provided crucial information in a number of oral interviews. Perhaps, such important intellectual property could (and should) be better protected.”

The book is only available in paperback, and can be purchased via Amazon here.