Lugano Testers Continue Work: Mats Lewan

Many people have been wondering when we might be getting an update from the team that tested the E-Cat in the Lugano report. Andrea Rossi has mentioned that we could expect revisions and updates to the original document, but no significant changes have been made since the report was published since last October.

A comment today on the vortex-l mailing list by Mats Lewan, Swedish journalist and author of the book An Impossible Invention indicates that the testers on the team are still working. He wrote:

I know that the Swedish researchers are still working on the update, doing additional calibration measurements.
They have also stated that they intend to continue investigating the LENR phenomenon. That could include some kind of replication, but since they prefer to work in silence (maybe due to the negative Swedish media attention — and that might in turn be a good or a bad strategy, difficult to know), we’ll have to wait and see.

The reference to ‘negative Swedish media attention’ refers to the fact (also mentioned by Mats) that Swedish Radio producer Ulrika Björkstén and journalist Marcus Hansson have received an honorable mention by the Swedish Association of Investigative Journalists in the nominations for the Golden Spade award, an award given in the field of investigative journalism.

Last year Hansson and Björkstén produced a three part report on Swedish Radio about Andrea Rossi and the E-Cat, seeking out critics of Rossi and casting him and the whole topic of cold fusion/LENR in a negative light.

Before the Lugano report was published the testing team did very well in staying out of the spotlight, and keeping very quiet about their work, and it seems clear that this is the way they prefer to continue to work.