LENR Startup Prometeon Reports ‘Very, Very Promising’ Tests, Stremmenos Scientific Director (Mr. Moho)

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On Cobraf there’s a Google-translatable transcription of a recently uploaded LENRG video featuring Guido Parchi of Prometeon srl, suggesting that Christos Stremmenos and some of his colleagues teamed up with the company to develop new LENR devices. I would guess that Stremmenos is not working with Rossi anymore. Could anybody ask Rossi about him?


Google Translation (with a few fixes):

I am Guido [Parchi], one of the members of Prometeon. Prometeon is a startup [from Bologna] that deals with energy from renewable sources, and we also do research in the field of cold fusion – so to speak – and we have two projects at the moment; one [of them] concerns the development of a new type of reactor, [which] we started in 2014 with the scientific direction of Professor Stremmenos.

Prof. Stremmenos is one of the pillars that have dealt with cold fusion already 25 years ago together with prof. Focardi and prof. Piantelli, and contributed greatly to the development of the reactor Rossi. With him and his colleagues have formed a research group because we believe [in the technology]; [This] technology is very important for [our] future so we dedicated a specific research project and we are already doing the first interesting experiments. The first tests have proven themselves very, very promising.

And then we have another project that we are sending out with STMicroelectronics regarding a new system of direct conversion of thermal energy into electricity, however, is still in an embryonic state, is based on a new technology that we acquired from Russia and we’ll see if they actually give the expected results – but we are just at the beginning. Here, the coupling of the two technologies, however, may actually give results very, very interesting.

I am absolutely convinced that [LENR research] [will lead to new, important discoveries], [and] not only in the field of energy production, because the prospects are truly incredible. Prof. Stremmenos sometimes repeats that when LENR [will] become public domain and [it will be actually understood] what are the mechanisms behind this type of reaction, there will be a new revolution in the field of chemistry as it happened in the days of Lavoisier. He is absolutely convinced of this: that there will be developments and applications that we can not yet imagine.

Video from From LENR-Cities: