Lugano Team Working on Replication, CERN Scientists looking at LENR (Vessy’s Blog)

In an article on her blog on the E-Cat: The New Fire website site, Vessela Nikolova states that she has received confirmation from a first hand source (other than Mats Lewan) that the team who conducted the Lugano E-Cat test continues to investigate LENR at Uppsala University in Sweden, and their work includes some kind of replication effort.

She also states that some physicists working at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland) are involved in the study of ‘some aspects related to LENR’, but they prefer to work in silence. She also states that the work of Alexander Parkhomov and the MFMP in the area of E-Cat Replication efforts represent only the ‘tip of the iceberg’, and that some interesting revelations will be forthcoming.

Replication efforts that have been announced, and not reported on so far, include Brian Ahern, Jean-Paul Biberian, Bob Higgins and The Open Power Association, and I know there are more. One of the hosts of Bob Greenyer at his presentation in Moscow last month mentioned that he estimated that there were about 100 efforts underway in Russia to replicate Parkhomov.

It will be interesting to see more data reported from some of these efforts. If Parkhomov’s results can be duplicated in one or more of these attempts, and the results of testing publicly reported, I think it would be extremely significant and would encourage even more replication efforts.