Daniele Passerini Hints at More Parkhomov Replication Successes

Thanks to Sanjeev for linking to this post from Daniele Passerini at his 22passi.blogspot.com.

Here’s an excerpt from the post he published on Thursday March 12 (translated via Google):

“Just a few minutes ago …

Brian Ahern just Announced in our forum to start another attempt replication Parkhomov expected on sunday.
He is using another anche metalhydrate to store the hydrogen.
Read more in our Forum at the Following URL:

“But this is nothing, I think Rossi should start worrying seriously race replicas set in motion by Parkhomov (ed. Pronounce pàrchimof ).

“They’re brewing, even in the pipes, many other things: today I received fresh fresh good information on other replicas succeeded in … between us and Russia! A real bomb N news! 😉

“In short, Parkhomov is spreading the new verb cold fusion: Est Est Est!”

I think for now this should be placed in the rumor category, but it’s interesting that Passerini says he has heard something about ‘other replicas’ (plural). I think successful replications of Parkhomov would really spark additional interest in the Rossi effect. The more witnesses, the better.