Rossi: Lugano Test a ‘Gold Mine’ Which Has Improved E-Cat Performance

Today Andrea Rossi reported that the performance of the E-Cat plant currently under production testing has been a ‘terrific surprise’ ‘due to evolution of the charge and to the control system’. I was quite surprised to read that there had been a change in the charge, because I thought that most of the work that his team had been doing at the plant involved the control system.

It seemed from this statement that they must have learned new things about the charge, and so I posted this question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics:

Did the Lugano test report contribute anything to the evolution of the charge that you mention?

Rossi responded:

Andrea Rossi
March 13th, 2015 at 7:51 PM
Frank Acland:
Yes, the charges have been modified studying very carefully the results of the analysis made by the Independent Third Party. For us that report has been a gold mine.
Warm Regards,

I find this very interesting. We have heard plenty of criticism about the Lugano report for various reasons, but Rossi and his team seem to have found it to be invaluable to their work. Of course, they see it in a different context to most of us because of their experience with the E-Cat over the years, and having much more information than we have.

Where Rossi sees a gold mine, we might just see a pile of rocks because of our lack of background — even though we can read the exact same report that he can.

Something in this report has apparently enabled Rossi’s team to seemingly dramatically improve the performance of the E-Cat. We know that following the publication of the report, Rossi said that he had been surprised by the amount of nickel enrichment that the Lugano testers measured. He said at the time, “the results from the test have gone well Beyond what we found before during our internal R&D.”

So it sounds like the Lugano report uncovered information that Rossi and his team had not seen before — perhaps because they had access to better measurement equipment than Rossi had used previously — and has been tremendously valuable for the development of the E-Cat.

So I wonder who else can find the gold that Rossi sees in the Lugano report.